Summer Knight-Leaders & New Features

Canadian Collegiate Esports League

Hello! Our current leaders are:

1st Place - lsatienz - NAIT
2nd Place - bulkhead99 - UBCO
3rd Place - kingpiehi - Dalhousie

Thanks to everyone who has completed games so far.  We have received great feedback about new features players would like to see and have fixed a couple of bugs, so we encourage everyone to make new challenges this week to take advantage of the changes.  

Some updates include:

  • Fixed an issue where a game lobby would not form correctly after a challenge

  • Fixed an issue where players who were challenged would sometimes not see the notification

  • Players who issue a challenge are now able to cancel their game before the challenge is accepted, if needed

  • Changed the default start time to 15 minutes from the current time instead of 5, to allow players more time to see the challenges

  • Improved the lobby interface to help players find the "Accept / Decline" challenge buttons more efficiently

  • Fixed a number of minor visual bugs / issues

  • Improved the Lobby notifications UI so players know when challenges are pending approval or ready to go


Let us know on Discord if you have any questions or feature suggestions. :)


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