Tonight, Rocket League Welcome Back Tournament

University of Regina

The second round of U of R's Intramural Esports Welcome Back Series will feature a Rocket League tournament, tonight at 7pm, so here's the details you need to drop in and compete.  

  • We have noticed a couple sign ups for Rocket League, so please do not forget! 

  • To ensure we have a good event we will be changing this to a 1v1, best of 3 event.  All players will compete for individual glory! 

  • Please be sure to sign up for the Rocket League event page here

  • The home team will create the private match lobby while the away team will select the color. 

  • Schedule will be posted before 7pm. 

  • Rules can be viewed here

Registration closes TODAY at Noon. Sign up now!  


Here are some reminders on how to use GYO:

Navigate to the Schedule  From the Competition:

How to find a match & report scores:

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