Welcome Back! Fortnite Tournament Rerminder

University of Regina

It's almost time for U of R's Intramural Esports Welcome Back Series to kick off with the first Fortnite tournament, so here's the details you need to drop in and compete.  

  • To ensure we have a good event we will be changing this to a Solos event.  All players will compete for individual glory! 

  • Please be sure to sign up for the Fortnite event page here

  • For scoring purposes, opponents will pair up together in a Duo squad to drop into a random match.  During the match, each elimination you record will count as 1 point, with 1 bonus point awarded to the person who survives the longest.  You and your opponent are verifying each other's scores.  After you are eliminated, take a screenshot/picture of your eliminations total and report that as your score, and verify your opponent does the same accurately.  

  • In-game, you have the option of staying together or splitting up, that's up to you!  We recommend you stay in comms with each other as an opportunity to get to know each other and maybe pair up for future duos events

Registration closes TODAY at Noon. Sign up now! If you miss the deadline, please be sure to contact us on Discord so a GYO staff member can get it sorted out.  


Here are some reminders on how to use GYO:

Navigate to the Schedule  From the Competition:

How to find a match & report scores:

How to create a team:

Questions? Ask in Discord, Chat Lobby (during the event), or Chat Support (bottom right corner of GYO for tech issues)

Good Luck! 

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