GG Livestreams - Info for Players

If you are a parent, see GG Livestreaming Information for Parents.

In order to better engage with our youth organizations and communities, GYO Gamer Guides (GGs) produce livestream content across a number of different platforms. In these livestreams, the GGs appear on camera while interacting with our players through chat. They will commentate on community matches, provide help and guidance through the livestream, and sometimes even jump into the match themselves!

All GGs and our livestream content is produced to be appropriate for all ages, and fun for everyone. Join in!

Note: We require parental permission for all players under the age of 18 who join our stream. We collect this permission during the registration process, and parents may choose to opt out if they wish to do so.

How to Access GYO Stream Content

Our GGs will embed the videos directly inside the matches or events where a livestream is planned to be present. That way, you can watch the livestream while still maintaining contact with the GGs and the Community via the GYO chat stream.

Some of our partner streams, such as Twitch and YouTube, may have their own chat features. While GGs will monitor these chats for communications, they will not coordinate play with the players there. Players will never be asked to share personal information outside of the GYO chat systems.

Do I need a [Twitch/YouTube/Other] Account?

No. Having accounts with third party providers is always optional, and all players under the age of 18 should discuss with their parents prior to signing up for any new accounts with any providers. Our embedded streams can be accessed by all, and our chat system is provided as part of your GYO account.

Will I Appear on Stream?

If you participate in a featured match, you will appear on the broadcast in your in-game form. Where possible, our GGs will disable the gamertag from showing, but sometimes that may be displayed in-game. Unless it is a special event with clearances ahead of schedule, camera and audio from our players will not be broadcast.

If you are uncomfortable appearing on screen, just let your GG know and they will avoid broadcasting your match. If the GG discusses a lobby that will be streamed, you will likely have your in-game persona appear on the stream.