Managing Your Orgs, Clans, and Clubs Through GYO Portals

GYO allows for the creation and management of custom branded Portals which serve as landing pages for esports clans, clubs, organizations, or any other groups that look to create an audience in the esports and gaming space.

The GYO Portals allow for an organization to promote their purpose, recruit new players, interact with their existing players, and setup leagues and events catered to their audience. The creation of an Organization Portal is free for any group that wishes to use the GYO toolset and promote to players on GYO.

The Difference Between Clans and Orgs

On GYO, we distinguish between Organizations (Orgs) and Clans as a way to show the difference between a business or official non-profit operating in the esports space, versus a social clan or social club that exists solely for the purpose to connect players without any desire to monetize their activities.

If you simply want a tool to aggregate your friends or make new friends without the desire to monetize, create a Clan. If you are an official business or non-profit organization or other legal entity, you should create an Org. You can convert a Clan to an Org later if you determine one day that you would like to form a business.

Free Tools

  • Browse Player Listings
  • Send Messages to Others
  • Post Classified Recruitment Listings
  • Browse Free Agent Profiles
  • Browse Combine Results

Premium Tools

In addition to all free tools, premium subscribers gain access to the following:

  • Send Certified Messages and Offers
    These messages are received in a special inbox that prevents them from being labeled as spam.
  • Automatic Watchlist Configuration
    Set your player preferences and get automatically matched with new players based on preferences.
  • GYO Introductions
    We introduce you direct to players we discover who we think will be good fits for your program.