Welcome, Parents!

If you are here to support your child, then thank you for taking that effort and we welcome you to the gaming world. If you are unfamiliar with gaming, much of this is likely foreign to you, so we will try to make the process as easy as possible.

How Does My Child Interact with the Site?

In order to get started, you will need to create a GYO account for yourself and/or your child, and you have options on how to do so. First, we want to inform you briefly on how your parental account links to your child account.

We are Safe Harbor certified and COPPA compliant to protect the privacy and data of both you and your child, and as such you have two options for participation in the league:

Option 1: Player Has an Account and Parent Has a Monitoring Account
Players as young as 7 are allowed to have accounts on GYO so long as you, as the parent, provide explicit parental consent. Through this process, you will create your own account that will be able to monitor and see everything your child does on our platform. Both you and your child will need separate emails and logins in this case. Your child will complete their matches and report their scores directly, and you as the parent will not need to be involved in that process.

Option 2: Parent Account Manages Everything
If you do not wish for your child to have their own account, then your parental account will sign up for the Club and will be responsible for all score reporting, scheduling management, and player-to-player communications. In this case, you will act as a proxy for your child and therefore will need to be as engaged as they are in their gaming and gameplay process.

Whichever method you choose, you can go back and change your decision later. So choose what makes you comfortable today, and you can always adjust!