How to Browse and Scout Players
(All Free Scouts)

Throughout GYO, there are several different directories for players scouting, browsing, and recruiting. Each has a slightly different focus, so select the tools that best suit your needs.

  • Browse PlayersPlayer Directory
    Browse the overall player directory in order to see every public listing on the site, and use filters to narrow down your search based on demographics.
  • Browse Free AgentsBrowse Free Agents
    Players can create specific postings regarding their own status as Free Agents, with some details of the kinds of player they are. Good for browsing if you have a specific type of player or role you need to fill.
  • Browse ClassifiedsBrowse Classified Listings
    Players are able to make LFG and Classified postings to promote their availability or details about who they are seeking. These are good for scouting players recently active.

Dashboard Premium Options

GYO offers premium recruiting services which include additional features and ways to browse the site.

  • Recruit DashRecruitment Dashboard
    Centralized management of your recruits across multiple games and organizations.
  • GYO IntroductionsIntros List
    If we see a player that really stands out that we think may be a fit for your program, we'll highlight them directly.
  • WatchlistCustomized Player Watchlist
    You set the parameters of the kinds of players you're looking for, and we add players to your watchlist when we find a match.