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I'm a big fan of FPS games. You can catch me playing lots of Halo, Battlefield (4 & 1), and also some Apex Legends and Titanfall 2. I love Halo for the nostalgia and great gameplay experience (hello Infinite). Battlefield is all about playing the objective and helping your team win. Apex and Titanfall are awesome because of their pace of play.

I currently play on an Xbox Series S. I do play some games on PC, but my GPU is very poor (and I cannot afford a new one), so I can't play new titles there.

Mostly, I enjoy playing games as a way to connect with my friends and to pass the time. Somedays I'm absolutely cracked and amazing, others, not so much. I get competitive when I know I can win. I know how to play the objective and support my team (I thank Battlefield for that). Looking to have some fun!

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