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Welcome to the University of Calgary's Esports Portal. 

UCalgary looks forward to offering participants various esports events where users can compete against students from UCalgary and other collegiate institutions!

Join our group by following the steps below:

To get started, follow these steps to participate:

1. Sign up for an account on GYO if you haven't already by selecting Join Group  in the upper righ hand corner then Register for Account. If you're having any issues registering, please contact Support Chat at the bottom right corner.

2. In order to have your application accepted, participants must provide their UVic email to verify they're a student UCalgary. Applications will be denied if email is not included.

Note: participant can use an external email to create the account, but we need student email to verify. 

3. Once accepted, you can check out the Play/Compete tab to register for the events.

Additional instructions will be provided on that page. 

*If you have additional questions, then please contact the portal's admin or go to the Support Chat. 

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Community Updates

Valorant April 11th Information Feature Image

Valorant April 11th Information

Hello everyone!

We appreciate your patience as we sorted out the logistics for this event. That being said, please be sure to read this through as it is important.

Waivers & Roster: Captains, please be sure you and your players complete the waiver and roster before the tournament. If you are having issues filling it out, then please contact

Check-In:Please arrive at the Schulich School of Engineering, ENA04, around 4-4:30pm so staff can check you in, and provide rules, and instructions. This will help make sure the tournament will start promptly at 5 pm. If you cannot arrive during this time, please let us know by contacting

Reminder, masks are required at all times.

Team Cap:The event is capped at 16 teams, so if your team is not listed then unfortunately they will not be able to participate.


Weenie Hut Jr

Blue Dream

Daddy's Darling


Zander's Kitten

Revive Me Jett

We Love Kayne

BBCC Gaming

Team Last Place

Outside B...Out Side B

Due at 11:59

Brim's Stones

Nearest Airport



Tournament Format:It will be a single-elimination, best of 1, with a few modifications. Rounds 1 & 2 will have players competing for the first to 7 ("half competitive mode").

Semi-finals and beyond: Matches will revert back to the full competitive mode. In order to win the match, the team must win by two (ie. overtime is enabled).

A coin flip will determine if Home or Away starts the Map Picks & Ban process as well as which team is Attackers/Defenders.

Map Picks & Bans:

Approved Map Pool:






Best of One Format Example

Home Team - Ban 1 (Example: Ban Split)

Away Team - Ban 2 (Example: Ban Haven)

Home Team - Side Selection of final map Bind (Example: Defending side on Bind)

Default Game Setting:

The game settings should be set to the following:

Party Status: Closed

Mode: Standard

Cheats: Off

Reporting Scores: Team captains will be in charge of reporting the W (1point) after the match is over on GYO. If a captain by accident reports the score in the incorrect spot or is having issues with reporting then please let the tournament operator, bunny5moon, know in the GYO Match Lobby. Once the scores are reported, the next match will generate a GYO Match Lobby, which bunny5moon will let everyone know.

How to Report Your Score & Find a Match:


The main room has 10 PCs and B room has the other 10 PCs. Please go to room ENA 04 so the staff members onsite can direct you to either stay in the main room or B room.

Support: During the event, anything related to GYO and the tournament bracket can be directed to bunny5moon. Questions or issues concerning the PCs, prizing, and other related questions should be directed to the staff members at the event.

Have a great weekend!

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Important Valorant Update Feature Image

Important Valorant Update

Hello Students!

After further discussion, it's been decided to keep the original plan of one day for the exciting & first E-Sport Tournament @Schulich School of Engineering on April 11, 2022.

Additional details will be available next week. Be sure to keep an eye out for an announcement on Discord and/or GYO.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.



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Changes to Valorant Tournament Feature Image

Changes to Valorant Tournament

Hello everyone

We have an announcement to make regarding the Esports Valorant Charity Tournament. Due to the positive response from all of you wishing to participate, it looks like we will need to modify the tournament a little bit.

Instead of trying to have all players participate on April 11th, which would make the tournament over 6 hours, we are going to create an online group staging. All group stage matches will be Best of One.

Here are the dates of the 3 matches: April 2nd, 3rd, and 7th.

The schedule for the group staging is not finalized yet. We will make an announcement once it's finished.


If you or your opponent cannot make it to the match, then do not worry. We are implementing a reschedule button for you to use till April 10 at Noon that will be available in your GYO Match lobby. The rescheduling request must be made, communicated, and ultimately processed entirely via the GYO platform in order to properly record the communication as proof for both teams. It's always important to communicate with your opponents, so please let them know. The tournament operators will be in the match lobby if you have any questions.

April 11th Playoff Tournament: We will take the Top 8 in the group stage to advance into the April 11th playoff tournament. Even if your team did not make the cut, be sure to join us and watch the action! Everyone will be receiving prizing and those that show up might receive a doorbuster gift. The top 3 teams will receive a prize pack.

Deadline: The deadline to make a payment will be moved to tomorrow, April 1st at Noon. If you have not paid by then, the team will not be able to participate.

Let us know on discord if you have any questions.



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