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GYO Score is the official home of the CCEL.
Building inclusive communities in the collegiate space through esports and video games.


GYO Helps Gamers Reach Higher Heights

GYO is a platform that seeks to support gamers and esports at all levels. We use the power of advanced analytics and data science to support game and esports-enthusiasts of all levels.

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Receive automated coaching advice based on analysis of your play data, and get direct introductions to professional esports scouts worldwide.

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Follow your favorite esports stars and rising performers and dive deep into their statistics and play history.

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Support your young gamers by treating their gaming like organized sports by finding little league structures and college scholarship opportunities.

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Use our organization, team management, and scouting tools to efficiently discover new players ready to join your recruiting pool or esports events.

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The Story of GYO

Gyo was a dragon of Korean mythology who started as Imugis, or lesser dragons. Gyo, a mountain dragon, sought to ascend to become a full-fledged dragon, a yong or mireu, and with time, perserverance, and perhaps a bit of luck, eventually conquered his ascent.

Many gamers today face a similar challenge. They believe they have the skills and perserverance to ascend the leaderboards and join the ranks of professional stardorm, but there is no support or guidance on how to conquer their quest.

GYO is a platform built by gamers, for gamers, and seeks to help players with automated coaching advice, stats analysis, and introductions to professional coaches and scouts so that they can chase their dreams, conquer their own climb, and find success in the emerging esports world.

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